Managing time efficiently is a critical skill in our increasingly busy lives. Utilizing the right tools can help streamline our daily tasks, enabling us to do more without stress. One such tool that has grown in popularity is the digital planner. 

Designed to assist in time management, these innovative solutions have various features, such as daily time slots, to help organize and optimize our schedules. 

This blog explores the world of digital planners and how they can become powerful allies in managing our daily lives.

1. Week Plan

Week Plan

According to Jessica Pryce-Jones, and as quoted in Forbes, an average person will spend 90,000 hours at work. However, the Washington Post quotes University of California researchers who discovered that an average office worker can lose up to 6 hours of a work day due to constant interruptions. 

Week Plan is a daily planner app with time slots designed to boost productivity. It offers a monthly, weekly, and daily view of the calendar. The planner is designed so that you can view the hourly slots of any given day on your calendar and fill it up with the required tasks. 


  • Weekly planner view
  • Hourly planner
  • Priority tasks setting
  • Daily goals tracking
  • Time management manual
  • Mental health focus
  • Vision boards
  • Monthly Schedule
  • Business appointments scheduling
  • Hourly time slots

Top 3 Features of Week Plan 

1. Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro timer in Week Plan assists you in breaking your work into manageable segments, enhancing your time management skills. This tool facilitates focus and productivity by encouraging users to work within 25-minute time slots followed by short breaks. It’s an attractive feature in this popular planner that helps improve your efficiency in daily tasks and aids in maintaining a balanced work-life rhythm.

2. Quadrant View 

Week Plan’s Quadrant view is a visual feature designed to assist you in priority setting. It categorizes tasks into four quadrants based on urgency and importance. This unique feature effectively manages your daily schedule, helping you focus on high-impact tasks in your hourly planner. It is a testament to Week Plan’s commitment to time management and is a distinctive aspect of this daily planner.

3. HIIT Task List 

High-Intensity Interval Training inspires the HIIT Task List of Week Plan. Like its fitness counterpart, the HIIT Task List helps users alternate between high-intensity and low-intensity tasks, enhancing productivity and preventing burnout. It’s an effective feature for managing your daily goals and allows more effective use of your daily time slots, contributing to Week Plan’s status as a leading daily planner.


  • Highly focused on task prioritization
  • Offers weekly, monthly, and hourly schedule views
  • Allows time tracking for accomplished tasks
  • Visual aids like vision boards for goal setting
  • Effective for academic year planning


  • Interface can be less intuitive for new users
  • The mobile version lacks some features of the desktop version
  • Lacks an additional column for notes in the daily layout
  • Lacks integration with some popular business brands
  • Free version has limited features


Week Plan is a comprehensive daily time slot planner that excels at time management. Its robust features make it a popular choice for businesspeople and students. It’s an adorable planner with an attractive design suited for those who value task prioritization.

2. TimeCamp


TimeCamp is an app made for team management. If you want to track your team members’ time to ascertain their productivity and distribute the workload fairly, this tool will be useful for you. In addition, it also offers the function of budget tracking so you can measure how profitable a project is for you against the billable hours. 

With solid time tracking capabilities built within TimeCamp, the daily time slot planner also gives you the option to record the attendance of your team members. Using this function of daily time slot planner, you can generate timesheets easily and process the payroll automatically, without much manual intervention.


  • Automatic time tracking
  • Daily planner templates
  • Daily time planner
  • Daily goals tracking
  • Hourly schedule
  • Task list
  • Business appointments scheduling
  • Weekly goals setting
  • Daily Hourly Planner
  • Daily schedule templates

Top 3 Features of TimeCamp

1. Automatic Time Tracking

One of TimeCamp’s best features is its automatic time tracking. This allows you to accurately measure your time on tasks, making it easier to manage your daily schedule and hourly planner. Giving you insight into how you use your time enables you to improve your time management skills, making TimeCamp one of the best digital planners with daily time slots.

2. Billable Hours Tracking

TimeCamp’s billable hour tracking feature is a boon for freelancers and consultants in daily time slot planners. It allows you to track the time spent on client projects and automatically calculate billable hours. This feature streamlines your time management process, ensures accurate client billing, and maximizes earnings.

3. Project Time Management

TimeCamp enables project time management, allowing users to assign time to specific projects. This feature in the daily time slot planner lets you see how much time you spend on each project, helping manage your tasks and making it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals who handle multiple projects.


  • Provides automatic time tracking
  • Offers detailed daily planner templates
  • Enables the scheduling of business appointments
  • Effective for tracking daily goals and weekly goals
  • Comes with a handy daily hourly planner


  • Can be overly detailed for simple tasks
  • Interface may not be as user-friendly
  • Mobile app could be more streamlined
  • The setup process can be a bit complicated for new users
  • Might be expensive for small teams or individual users


TimeCamp is a robust tool designed to enhance time management and productivity. Its comprehensive features make it an ideal choice for professionals seeking a meticulous way to manage their time. Its daily planner templates and automatic time tracking make it a popular planner for professionals.

3. Things 3

Things 3

Things 3 is an app mostly geared toward individuals rather than teams. It is a daily planning tool with useful capabilities, including to-do lists, task scheduling, and more. 

This daily time slot planner, available for Apple users, allows you to plan your days meticulously by adding tasks for each area of your life, including family, work, finances, social life, etc. With such categorization, you can track all aspects for greater life satisfaction. 

The app also integrates with external calendars. So you can easily connect it to your iPhone calendar, for instance, and view upcoming events with a single click. 


  • Daily Planner Undated
  • Weekly Planner
  • Monthly Planner (Light Blue)
  • Spiral binding
  • Daily time planner
  • Time management skills training
  • Daily tasks tracking
  • Minute time slots
  • Weekly layout
  • Daily Hourly Planner

Top 3 Features of Things 3

1. Task Management

Things 3 offers a powerful task management feature. It allows you to organize your tasks by project, assign deadlines, and even break down larger tasks into smaller, more manageable steps. This feature of a daily time slot planner enhances your time management skills, making it easy to keep track of your progress and making Things 3 one of the best digital planners with daily time slots.

2.Natural Language Input

Things 3’s natural language input feature simplifies the task creation process. You can type in tasks just as they come to mind, and the daily time slot planner will automatically interpret the date and time. It’s a smart feature that makes planning your daily tasks straightforward and efficient.

3. Timeline View

Things 3 offers a timeline view that displays your tasks and projects over time. It gives you a comprehensive view of your schedule and allows for effective time management. You can see your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks at a glance with a daily time slot planner, making it easier to plan and prioritize your tasks.


  • Provides an intuitive user interface
  • Excellent for both short-term and long-term planning
  • Offers detailed time slots for meticulous planning
  • Helps in training time management skills
  • Allows tracking of daily tasks effectively


  • Limited to Apple devices
  • Lack of collaborative features
  • No native time tracking feature
  • Can be a bit expensive compared to competitors
  • The learning curve can be steep for new users


Things 3 is a great daily time slot planner for those who value detailed planning and time management. Its comprehensive features make it a perfect planner for Apple users. Despite the higher price point and the initial learning curve, its efficiency in task management makes it a favorite planner among its users.

4. TimeTree


In today’s fast-paced world, effective time management is crucial. One tool that can assist you with this is TimeTree, a unique digital planner. TimeTree is an innovative solution designed to make your life easier by helping you manage your daily tasks, hourly schedule, and even your long-term plans. 

With its shared calendar feature, you can coordinate your schedule with your team, family, or friends, making it the perfect planner for collaborative planning. This daily time slot planner offers a detailed view of various time slots and lets you see your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks at a glance. 

Its attractive design and powerful time management features make TimeTree one of the best daily time slot planners.


  • Shared calendar feature
  • Weekly layout
  • Daily planner worksheet
  • Minute time slots
  • Time management manual
  • Hourly Schedules
  • Monthly Schedule
  • Task list
  • Personal planner
  • Business appointments scheduling

Top 3 Features of TimeTree 

1. Shared Calendar Feature

TimeTree’s shared calendar feature is its unique selling point. It allows users to share and coordinate schedules with team members or family, making it the perfect planner for those who need collaborative planning. It offers various time slots and views, including daily, weekly, and monthly, promoting effective time management.

2. Multiple Calendar Views

TimeTree offers multiple calendar views that can be adjusted based on user preference. Whether you prefer a daily, weekly, or monthly view, TimeTree can accommodate your needs, helping you manage your time and tasks effectively. It’s one of the top features making TimeTree one of the best digital planners with daily time slots.

3. Chat Feature

TimeTree’s chat feature allows users to communicate directly about specific events or plans within the app. This feature of a daily time slot planner aids in real-time coordination, helping teams and families manage their time effectively. This adds a social element to time management, enhancing collaboration and coordination.


  • Shared calendar feature is excellent for team planning
  • Offers detailed weekly and daily views
  • Provides personal planner feature for individual users
  • Allows scheduling of business appointments
  • Offers an effective time management manual


  • The interface can be a bit cluttered with too many features
  • Limited customization options
  • Syncing with other calendars can be glitchy at times
  • Does not offer a desktop version
  • Requires an internet connection for most features


Whether you’re a business person trying to schedule business appointments, a student trying to manage your academic year, or someone trying to balance a busy personal life, TimeTree could be your perfect daily time slot planner. 

5. Fantastical


Navigating through the plethora of tasks in our daily lives can be a challenge. This is where Fantastical, one of the best digital planners with daily time slots, comes into play. 

Built to focus on ease and efficiency, Fantastical provides a range of features to help manage your time effectively. Its natural language parsing feature simplifies the task creation process, making it straightforward and efficient to plan out your daily tasks. 

With Fantastical’s daily time slot planner, you can detail your schedule and track tasks throughout the day, including 15-minute increments for each hour. This makes it an exceptional tool for those who require a detailed schedule.


  • Natural language input
  • Daily Planner Undated
  • Monthly planner
  • Productivity Planner
  • Daily time planner
  • Hourly Schedules
  • Daily tasks tracking
  • Time management skills training
  • Daily Hourly Planner
  • Daily layout

Top 3 Features of Fantastical

1. Natural Language Parsing

Fantastical’s natural language parsing allows users to quickly and easily add events to their calendars. You can write in simple language like “Lunch with John at 12 pm”, and Fantastical will automatically create an event with the correct time and title. It’s a smart feature that makes planning your daily tasks simple and efficient.

2. Event and Task Integration

Fantastical allows you to integrate events and tasks into a single view. This helps you manage your time more effectively by giving you a comprehensive overview of your schedule. It supports tasks from various apps, making it an effective tool for managing your daily tasks and time slots.

3. Flexible Views

Fantastical offers multiple viewing options to fit your preferences. Whether you prefer a full monthly view, a detailed hourly schedule, or a list of your tasks for the day, Fantastical can accommodate you. It’s one of the top features making Fantastical one of the best daily time slot planner.


  • Natural language input allows easy event creation
  • Offers detailed daily, weekly, and monthly views
  • Provides a productive planner for task tracking
  • Helps in training time management skills
  • Allows tracking of daily tasks effectively


  • The subscription-based pricing model can be expensive
  • Limited to Apple devices
  • Does not offer collaboration features
  • Lack of detailed reporting features
  • Does not support time tracking


Fantastical is a feature-rich daily planner tool that stands out due to its natural language input feature. While it may be more expensive than other options, it is a favorite planner for Apple users due to its ease of use and extensive features for personal planning. Despite the lack of collaboration and time tracking features, its daily and monthly planner offerings make it a strong choice.

Best of Best

1. Week Plan

Coming in at number one, Week Plan offers a robust suite of features to help manage your time effectively. Its stand-out features include a Pomodoro timer, Quadrant view, and HIIT Task List. The Pomodoro timer encourages users to work in focused time slots, with regular breaks to maintain productivity. 

The Quadrant view is a novel way to prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance, helping you focus on tasks that contribute most to your personal and professional goals. The HIIT Task List alternates between high and low-intensity tasks, preventing burnout while maintaining efficiency. These features make Week Plan a top choice among the best digital planners with daily time slots.

2. TimeCamp

TimeCamp stands out with its automatic time tracking, billable hours tracking, and project time management features. Its automatic time tracking provides accurate insights into how you use your time, enabling effective time management. 

The billable hours tracking is particularly useful for freelancers and consultants, allowing for accurate billing and maximized earnings. The project time management feature enables you to allocate and track time for specific projects, making it an excellent tool for individuals and businesses handling multiple projects.

3. Fantastical

Known for its natural language parsing, Fantastical simplifies the task creation process. Its integration of events and tasks into a single view gives you a comprehensive overview of your schedule, enhancing your time management skills. 

Its flexible views can accommodate your preferences, whether you prefer a full monthly view, a detailed hourly schedule, or a list of tasks for the day. It’s one of the top features making Fantastical one of the best digital planners with daily time slots.

Final Verdict

Exploring these solutions reveals that digital planners with daily time slots have the potential to enhance our time management skills significantly. They offer an array of features designed to streamline the process of planning, tracking, and executing our daily tasks. Providing a clear, organized view of our schedules minimizes stress and improves productivity. The key is in finding the planner that best fits our unique needs, preferences, and work styles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the best digital planners with daily time slots?

Week Plan, TimeCamp, and Fantastical are among the best digital planners that offer daily time slots. They provide robust features that help in effective time management.

2. Can digital planners improve my time management skills?

Yes, daily time slot planners are designed to help you organize and prioritize your tasks, allowing you to manage your time more effectively.

3. Do all digital planners offer daily time slots?

While many do, not all daily time slot planners offer daily time slots. Always check the features of the planner before making a decision.

4. Can I sync these digital planners with other apps?

Many daily time slot planners allow you to sync with other applications. However, the available integrations may vary depending on the planner.

5. Are these daily time slot planners suitable for businesses?

Yes, many daily time slot planners are designed with features that can be beneficial for businesses, such as project time management and billable hours tracking.

6. Are these daily time slot planners available on all devices?

Most daily time slot planners offer apps for both Android and iOS devices. Some also offer web and desktop versions.

7. Do these daily time slot planners offer time tracking features?

Some daily time slot planners, like TimeCamp, offer time tracking features that allow you to measure the time spent on tasks.

8. Can I share my schedule with others using these daily time slot planners?

Some daily time slot planners, like TimeTree, offer shared calendar features that allow you to coordinate schedules with others.

9. Are these daily time slot planners customizable?

Most daily time slot planners allow you to customize the view and layout to suit your preferences.

10. Is there a learning curve to using these daily time slot planners?

While each daily time slot planner has its unique interface and features, most are designed to be user-friendly. However, some may require a bit of time to get used to.

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