So, what makes a good Key Result? Under each Objective, make sure to define measurable outcomes.

Key results should be quantifiable, achievable, and difficult, but not impossible. They can be based on growth, performance, revenue or engagement.

Often, they are numerical, but they can also show if something is done or undone.

Key results take all that inspirational language and quantify it. You create them by asking a simple question “how would we know if we met our objective?”

This causes you to define what you mean by “awesome” “kill it” or “own.”

Typically, you have three key results. Metrics can be based on

  • Growth
  • Engagement
  • Revenue
  • Performance
  • Quality

Some types of key results usually start with verbs like launch, create, develop, deliver, build, make, implement, define, release, test, prepare and plan.

These keywords jumpstart your vision for your team, organization or company.

Most times, your key result is going to be a specific metric and a value to reach. For example :

  • Get 50 new online users
  • Increase user retention from 40% to 60%
  • Reduce churn rate by 2%

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