Time management is one of the most relevant concepts in today’s world. As the world has become more fast-paced, everyone wants to save time, and not only this. They also want to boost their productivity.

Irrespective of whether you are a student, employee, or business owner, every one of us wants to get our work done quickly. So how can we achieve our time management, task management, and productivity goals?

We have daily schedule-maker apps for that. They are beneficial for time management and boosting productivity. There are tons of benefits that are associated with daily schedule-maker apps.

The first benefit of daily schedule maker apps is that they are beneficial in time tracking. Whether you are a Project Manager, General Manager, Entrepreneur, or even a student, there should be a way to track how much time you spend on a project or task.

Time tracking is essential irrespective of whether you work in a team or do a task solo. Time tracking lets you know how much time is spent on a particular task.

As time tracking shows which tasks and projects are time-consuming, you can easily plan for them so that they don’t become lengthy and can be managed easily. This lead to improvement in your time management.

Another significant benefit of the daily schedule maker app is that it can resolve any availability issues, if there are any. We all know that there are a lot of operational activities that are being conducted at the same time.

A meeting between two potential prospects or clients can be held simultaneously. Daily schedule maker apps allow you to look at possible clashes and make decisions. You can also look at your availability and communicate suitable timing to your clients.

Daily schedule maker apps or daily planner apps are also handy in that they help you to plan out your day effectively. Every day many tasks and projects have to get over with.

Situations like these can be stressful, and how to kill all this stress is simple: using the daily planner or daily schedule maker apps. You can allocate your time to separate projects and tasks with daily schedule maker applications and software.

This makes task management feasible. It makes it convenient and helps avoid unnecessary confusion. So now rush less and become more productive with daily planners and schedule maker apps.

One of the most prominent benefits of daily schedule maker apps is that it helps teams to be on the same page. When working on a project and task required to be completed in teams, everyone must be consulted and notified of all the steps and progress.

With the daily scheduling app, the team members can be alerted to the respective sub-task, enabling smooth task management. As everyone is on the same page, there wouldn’t be any conflicts, and the team would achieve more.

The common stereotype is that constant and rigorous work can help you accomplish more of your task. This is not true. Why? This is because if you are working continuously, this will lead to burnout and loss of focus.

It would help if you performed so that after some time-lapse, you can take a break, and daily schedule maker apps can help you with that too. You can create an easy and manageable to-do list using daily schedule maker apps with some breaks.

Questions might come to your mind. For example, what’s wrong with using a paper schedule maker or a daily diary for this purpose? Well, a digitalized daily schedule maker is exceptionally convenient.

A digitalized schedule maker doesn’t require any messy paperwork. It is much more convenient because there is no need to write constantly and ensure the documents are recovered, which is sure to happen.

Daily schedule maker apps are also viable in way that they offer fantastic user interfaces and user experiences. This makes the whole process of noting down and scheduling fun and easy.

If you are using paper material for daily scheduling, there is a definite chance of losing essential information if you lose your diary or documents. Comparatively, when using digitilized schedule maker apps, there are no worries of data loss, as everything is safe and secure in software and always accessible to the respective owner.

Top Schedule Maker

Now that we have gone through the list of benefits of the daily schedule maker app let’s look at the top applications and software that can optimize your daily scheduling.

1: Week Plan

Week Plan is one of the most renowned time management software. It is highly recommended and used for efficient time management. Week Plan is primarily used as a daily schedule maker app.

Teams and individuals worldwide are using the Week Plan to become productive and ace at their work while keeping up with time.

Week Plan is used for daily scheduling and making effective blueprints for tasks and projects. Week Plan streamlines your projects and tasks to help you achieve your long-term and short-term goals and objectives.

Top 3 Features

What makes Week Plan a marvelous daily schedule maker app is its features. Week Plan offers various fantastic features that can help you to achieve a productive day.

Although every feature that Week Plan offers is handy for users but some of the most consumed features are as follows:

1: Daily Planner

Daily Planner is one of the prime features that Week Plan offers. This feature helps you prioritize your day, allocate time efficiently, and take productivity to the next level. In addition, this feature allows you to create a task list and create a flexible and good schedule.

The sub-features of Daily Planner include HITs (High Impact Tasks), Day Summary, and Time Tracker.

The sub-feature like HITs lets you know the most important tasks that can’t be delayed. When a task or project is added to the HITs list, that respective task is prioritized.

This feature allows you to accomplish those task that matters most so that long-term or short-term objectives can be achieved. The sub-feature of the day summary is extremely useful.

Day summary is the most helpful sub-task to measure productivity throughout the day. Knowing how you or your team has performed is crucial so the performance review can be done.

Time Tracker is another vital sub-feature. This feature helps you to know how much time is spent on specific projects. This feature also allows you to understand whether the deadlines for the project or task are being met.

A time tracker ensures a smooth flow of projects and helps individuals and teams achieve operational efficiency and time management.

2: Productivity Planner

Productivity Planner is also one of the fantastic features that Week Plan offers. A productivity planner is a must-have feature of a daily schedule maker app. If an individual or team prioritizes productivity in task management, then they should use a productivity planner.

The sub-features of a productivity planner include prioritization and setting up objectives and key results. So let’s dive in and examine how these features can be essential to productivity.

The primary sub-feature of the Productivity planner is prioritization. This feature helps you or your team to remember urgent tasks. The features also help you to know the difference between regular and high-priority tasks. This reduces any confusion and leads to efficiency in operations.

Setup Objectives and Key Results is also a crucial sub-feature of a productivity planner. This feature is critical for task planning and team planning. As the goals and objectives are set up, the team plans to accomplish them together.

Setting up objectives and crucial result unifies the whole organization and keeps everyone intact. Setting up goals and objectives also increases the productivity and performance of the entire organization, as everyone is willing to achieve these.

3: Focus Planner

Focus Planner is an essential feature of the Week Plan. This feature aligns with all your objectives so that there are no distractions in accomplishing goals and objectives. The key sub-features of a focus planner are task scheduling and journaling.

While task scheduling can be full of hectic and hassle using other modes of planning but with the feature of task scheduling, it’s seamless.

The simple drag and drop to the calendar ensures the creation of tasks with ease. Moreover, in case of a project is pending, it is shifted to the other day.


  • Monthly: $10.83
  • Yearly: $104

2: Todoist

todoist is one of the finest daily schedule-maker apps. What makes todoist a standout amongst daily schedule maker apps is its fantastic user interface and user experiences. todoist makes scheduling not only easy but enjoyable too.

Top 3 Features

todoist has several great features—the features offered by todoist focus on achieving productivity at the utmost level. Let’s have a detailed overview of the fantastic features that todoist provides.

1: Task Creation

While task creation in another daily schedule maker can be too tricky and technical but that’s not the case with todoist. The feature task creation offers you complete control over task management.

The sub-feature of task creation, like Quick Add, helps you create a new task easily. A new one is created within seconds with just a few clicks and types.

Modification and alternations within the task are also easy with sub-feature like Section and Subtask. This ensures that the task remains well-organized and there is no mess which leads to clarity.

2: Share The Workload

Sharing of workload helps you to reduce the burden from your shoulder. The feature of sharing the workload enables you to divide and delegate tasks and projects with utmost ease. Let’s glance over the sub-features of sharing the workload.

Delegation of tasks has always been challenging. However, with the sub-feature of Delegate Task, you can easily delegate tasks to your subordinates.

Then, as you get a lot on your plate, assign the task to others to free up some space. This reduces your workload’s burden and ensures task completion on time.

The sub-feature of notification helps you get notified of all the updates of the task being delegated. So, for example, as you delegate a task to your subordinates with the help of notification, you can quickly get updates on the task’s progress, like comments, completion, and others.

3: Customization

Remember earlier. We told you that todoist has an excellent user interface and user experience. Well, that’s because todoist is highly customizable, giving users full liberty to make changes and modifications.

The sub-features of customization include boards. Boards let you view all the tasks in their respective sections. This feature lets you know what work is In-Progress, what projects task are on the to-do list and new ideas for discussion.

Adding filters and labels to the task is a lot of fun, too—these sub-features take customization and creativity to the next level. Adding labels helps you insert tasks in the right sections, and adding filters enables you to set the project’s priority level. Labels and filters are super helpful in scheduling.


  • Starters Free: $0
  • Pro: $4(Billed Annually) / $5(Billed Monthly)
  • Business (for teams): $6(Billed Annually) / $6(Billed Monthly)

3: Clockify

Clockify is a daily schedule maker app of one of its kind. Clockify hosts numerous excellent features that make it perfect for daily scheduling. In addition, it is serviceable for everyone, whether individuals are taking a solo ride or collaborating with teams.

Top 3 Features

Clockify’s features make timekeeping, reporting, and management more accessible than ever. But first, let’s have an overview of the features that Clockify provides.

1: Timekeeping

Timekeeping is an integral part of time management. Clockify knows the importance of timekeeping, which is why it provides relevant sub-features that help you or your team keep their pace up and stick to the clock.

Time trackers are one of the most critical sub-features of timekeeping. Once a schedule is created, it is essential to know how much time is invested in each task.

The sub-feature of the time tracker tracks all the time spent on projects. This gives a coherent view of how effectively and efficiently time is being allocated to each project.

The sub-feature of the calendar is also exceptionally useful. This sub-feature helps you visualize the project and tasks worked on in the respective month. Another significant part of this sub-feature is that it can be integrated with Google Calendar or Outlook.

2: Reporting

Reporting is essential. This is mainly done to determine whether the targets are met or not. Clockify makes reporting easy and error-free.

The sub-feature of Dashboard gives a perfect graphical view of how much time is spent per week and what the particular project has been mostly worked on.

The sub-feature is also helpful in knowing all the activities that have been done. This sub-features also tracks locations you visited for work and time spent on outdoor activities.

3: Management

Management has been made easier with Clockify. The feature of management can also be used as a project planning tool.

One of the prime sub-feature of management is scheduling. With these sub-features, milestones can be added to a project, assigning can be done quickly, and performance can be compared between tracked and scheduled.

Another critical sub-feature of management is time off. This feature helps the task manager or general manager to track time spent by the staff on vacations and leave requests.

Also, it can be determined whether the staff is spending more than the required time on vacations. This brings transparency.


  • Basic: $3.99 USD
  • Standard: $4.99 USD
  • Pro: $7.99 USD
  • Enterprise: $11.99 USD


We have gone through a detailed overview of the best daily schedule-maker apps. First, we look through everything they offer, including features, sub-features, and pricing.

One thing to note here is that the applications mentioned above are the best planning software that can be used for scheduling. One question that can be present in your mind could be to know is what the best planner app among all the mentioned above.

Well, the answer is Week Plan. What makes Week Plan a perfect paid scheduling app is its affordability, feature-richness, and ease to use.

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