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Priority Planner
for Effective People

Pair your tasks with the goals behind them.

How is this different from a calendar and todo app?

Not just about productivity, we are about effectiveness

Gain clarity on what to work next

Clearly identify your priorities in the midst of the less important tasks

Find true work/life balance

Work is one of many roles. Roles are first class citizens in our tool.

Make progress towards your goals

You will no longer lose track of your longer term goals.

See it in action

Watch this 2-minute video to understand what Week Plan is about.

4 key principles of priority planning

Our software will coach you to improve your time management.

Focus on importance and reduce urgency

Grow an inner sense of what is really important and what is merely urgent. Treat your work accordingly.

Block time for what matters

By scheduling your high impact tasks, it will be easier to say 'no' to less important stuff.

Put on your different hats

By thinking about your tasks in terms of the roles in your life, you will be less likely to neglect or obsess over a particular role.

Week by week

A week is the perfect unit of time to gain perspective on what you do and see the progress you make.

550K+ users

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I have tried many other apps and methods for organizing my days and nothing works quite like this one.
This is the most helpful tool for keeping somebody organized that I have ever used. For a very short monthly fee, you can have a tool that impressively helps you to stay organized.
I am a huge fan of Stephen Covey and this is the best software for it!
I've mentioned it already in my coaching group and would suggest it if any colleague asked about planning platforms or approaches.
I love planners, and I have talking to a friend about them who would be interested in this as well.
I love that it keeps me organized. I can change events around. I especially like the bell sound when I complete a task. It is also very simple to use.
I have tried yearly plan last year and I really like it and this weekly plan is an effective tool to organize my activities and reflect it.
I like how it links together roles. goals, tasks and a planner, with an integrated calendar. I'm a fan.

Fully featured weekly planner

You'll find everything you need.

Calendar integration

We synchronize with Google Calendar and Outlook (two way synchronization).

Available everywhere

You can use Week Plan on desktop, smartphones and tablets. We have extensions for Chrome too.

Recurring tasks

You can repeat tasks the way you would in a fully featured calendar.

Team features

Leave comments, receive notifications when a task changes, and see what other people are doing.