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  • G Grimes

    Love the look and feel of this product, but there’s a large gap in no edit undo or CTRL Z function. If I wipe a task out by mistake, especially one that was long and complex, I’m screwed.

    I’m using Chrome latest version.

    This one feature alone would push me into purchasing this product. Without it, it’s far better to use Outlook 2010, and just supplement with other google apps available.

    • http://aymeric.gaurat.net Aymeric

      Thanks for your feedback, I have added your suggestion to the parking lot. We won’t get to work on it straight away though, we have some important features we want to implement first.

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNqZAzXU_C25GsHZirTmVIw Cody Mont Lundgreen

        Just curious, what are these features you plan to implement? I’m excited to see what’s ahead. And I agree with the need to be able to undo things – there is so much time and thought put into our prioritization lists that it’s tragic and nerve racking to lose them. Maybe even just a way of backing up or downloading your weekplan to date would help?

        • http://aymeric.gaurat.net Aymeric

          Hi Cody,

          1. You can download all your tasks (as part of the PRO plan)

          2. Ok, I will add the ability to undo a delete :)

        • http://aymeric.gaurat.net Aymeric

          In terms of roadmap, I am currently working on a native android app. Next I will start integrating weekplan in other tools (add weekplan buttons in Gmail, Chrome, etc…) to make it easy to have weekplan as part of someone’s workflow.

  • Reggie

    Invoice?? I need this to bill for my boss! It’s been a couple of weeks now and still no correct invoice! http://screencast.com/t/vJNpVc2dB

    • http://aymeric.gaurat.net Aymeric

      Hi Reggie, just making sure you got the invoice.


      • Reggie

        Yep I got it. Thanks, Aymeric.


  • Eleanor

    I signed up and I can’t login, it repeatedly gives me a page with an option to sign in with gmail, and then two blank buttons with a quote underneath. Clicking anything does not get me anywhere. Tried multiple browsers.

    • http://aymeric.gaurat.net Aymeric

      We had some downtime on Sunday. Sorry about that.

  • Rebecca Techeira

    How do I cancel my subscription to this service?

  • Mona

    I love the program, but is there a way to undo deleting a role? I get confused between the delete for the role and delete for the tasks for that role and I’ve accidentally deleted many tasks. This has been a serious problem. Thanks!

  • tftater

    App is not working. Anyone else only able to use the web based version? When I go to look at details and add details to my task, the pop up tab to “see details” comes up, but the box of details does not. App is android and not working on both my phone and tablet.

    • http://aymeric.gaurat.net Aymeric

      Which app is not working? The Google Play app or the web version that you use on an Android phone? What model do you use? Thanks! We are currently developing the native app from scratch!

  • Balaji Alagusundaram

    I’ve got a goal entered for last week. I’m yet to achieve it. I was expecting that it would be carried forward to this week. But it did not. May I know how we can move such goals to the current week?


    ~ Balajil