Hi developer!

I am Aymeric the founder of WEEKPLAN.
I want WEEKPLAN to be usable from anywhere: web, mobiles, tablets, watches, glasses, etc… but I can’t do it all by myself.

I am opening WEEKPLAN’s API to everyone so that you can go on and create great apps on top of WEEKPLAN’s data and userbase.

The web version of WEEKPLAN is already using the API. I want to make the API more consistent and I want to document it so that it is easier to use. Read the API documentation.

If you are interested in developing some app that integrates with WEEKPLAN, contact me at [email protected], I want to help you! We will need to communicate often to get you sorted.

The current web app uses only the API, so much is possible, you just need to know how to speak with the API. The easiest way to do this at the moment is to look at the Chrome Developer Tools, in the Network tab, to see the requests made by the web app to the API.

I can also send you the javascript files that contact the API so that you can see how I integrate with the API.

Note that the API uses JSONP rather than REST for the API at the moment (in order to remove some pain with cross domain ajax requests).

I advice you to limit the scope of your first version to something very simple like (User Registration, User Login, Today List, New Task in Today List), something like that and once you publish this first version, you will start getting some users and that will motivate you to keep going :)

Shipping is the hardest part of a project at the beginning :)