Hi fellow planners,

I am Aymeric the founder of Week Plan. It’s been a while I haven’t given some update of the current work in progress, and the roadmap.

Who makes a business out of a “todolist” app?

I started working on Week Plan more than 4 years ago as a way to solve my own pain with managing my time.

When I first started Week Plan, I never intended to make a business out of it, I could hear people wonder who makes a business out of a “todolist”?

But overtime Google Analytics showed me that the traffic was growing organically and I decided to improve the product and to offer premium features. To my surprise, people upgraded from FREE to PRO to the point where I could sustain myself in Australia. Today Week Plan has more than 300 000 users.

Until then, I was offering consulting services three days a week. Consulting was my golden handcuffs, it was making my family financially comfortable and it was hard to decide to go full-time with Week Plan. But then recently I got approached for a great CTO role for a bigger growing company. Although the offer was really interesting, it made me realized that I believe in Week Plan and that I wanted to give it proper focus.

A month ago, I decided to go full-time.

Jack of all hats

Running a business solo is hard, you need to develop new features, fix old bugs, improve the design, prepare email newsletters, update the blog, prepare paid ad campaigns, etc… and it is why I have always tried to surround myself with contractors from around the world to offload some of the responsibilities.

Today, most of the team comes from India (one developer, one tester, and a marketing agency), one developer from Bangladesh and one community manager from Brazil. I really feel the current team is going to help get some great results this year.

What we are working on

A common complaint about Week Plan are related to stability issues, glitches here and there that make the user experience feel unpolished. Instead of trying to keep patching the existing solution, I have decided the rewrite the front end in a better and more updated technology.

In order to release this new version iteratively, we are going to release it as an Android app because the lack of an Android app is also a common complaint. Once the new version has enough features, we will put it in place of the existing web app.

The new version will directly answer the main complaints about Week Plan:

  • Stability issues
  • Lack of an Android app
  • No traditional calendar view
  • No mid term planning capability

Calendar view

The current UI mixes tasks, events and completed tasks and it is suboptimal. It makes it hard to sort the tasks and events correctly. In the new version, each list will have a separate section for each type of tasks. The events section will be able to toggle between the current list view and the traditional calendar day view:

Calendar view

Mid term planning capability

OKRs for individuals

What if you could set measurable yearly and quarterly goals, and set weekly goals towards those goals? Google and Intel have popularized the concept of OKRs (Objective and Key results) for businesses and it is usually used from top to bottom. Your boss sets the goals of the company, and the managers of each division set the goals to help reach the company goals, and then you set your own goals that align with your division.

Because Week Plan is mostly used by individuals, I believe there is a value in making the OKRs bottom to top. You don’t need your company goals in the system to set your own personal goals.

The magic of the OKRs is not in the fact that you set goals quarterly, it is the discussions they trigger every week when you review how much progress you have made towards them. Week Plan will make reviewing and discussing OKRs on a weekly basis almost a passive thing. You won’t need to be disciplined, you just need to have an email address.

Week Plan in the future

I will explore different channels of growth, for example more integrations (Outlook) and new services (coaching and courses), etc… to make sure I diversify the sources of income to make Week Plan a perennial business.

Thanks all for supporting Week Plan!

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