New Video Tutorial on Using Goals

Tutorial video on Goals

There seems to be some confusion on how to use the Goals module so we have now added a video tutorial that clearly explains how to use the Goals module. Have a look!

Reorganized Edit Task Module

Task edit modal reorganized

We’ve reorganized the Edit Task module so it’s easier for you to use and understand Week Plan’s awesome features.

You now have a Scheduling section for the calendar, duration settings, repetition settings, and reminders.

Underneath it is the Attributes section, where you can assign roles, mark tasks as Important or Urgent, and view the time tracker.

We’ve also merged the Notes and Comments sections so it’s easier for you to access them without having to click multiple times.

Security Improvements

We have spent some time improving the security of our system.

Fixed Redirecting Issue in Firefox

Some of our users were experiencing redirecting issues while using Week Plan on a Firefox browser.

We are happy to announce that we’ve fixed the reported redirecting issues.

Stay tuned for more awesome updates.

If you have a feature request, go on our support website.

Thank you for using Week Plan.

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