We’ve done a lot of work to make Week Plan the best software to help align your execution and vision — a priority planner specifically built for effective people.

Each month, our engineering team prepares release notes, detailing high-level descriptions of Week Plan’s new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Check them out.

Redesigned the Vision page

We are taking Week Planner beyond being a weekly planner. Week Plan takes you from your vision to your day to day stuff. So we refreshed the design of the vision page.

Changes to pricing

We are constantly making changes to the prices, sometimes we bring the price down, sometimes up in order the right price point for our ever changing userbase.

This time prices went up, but users on cheaper plans have been grand-fathered (they stay on the cheaper prices).

Removed the Analytics module

We feel the Analytics module doesn’t provide much value the way it is now. So until we make it better by offering insights, we have decided to take it off to simplify the user experience.

Align tasks with goals

You can attach a goal to a task so make it clear what tasks contribute to your goals.

Bug Fixes

Lastly, our release notes will not be complete without the necessary bug fixes. The most notable bug fixes are the following:

  • Fixed notes disappearing from task.
  • Performance issue fixed on Journal log.
  • Close and save sidebar when pressing Enter.
  • Fixed breadcrumb exception.
  • Fix comment links.
  • Login issue fixed for Microsoft Outlook.
  • Fixed error on cancelling Outlook Authentication.
  • Fix subtask count and update issue.
  • Fix timer bar issue.
  • Translation fixes.

Thank you for using Week Plan. If you have comments, suggestions, and feedback, write them below.

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