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Our Top Pick: How to Run Efficient Meetings, According to Steven Sinofsky

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Employees and bosses typically loath meetings because they’re often exhausting and time-consuming. But meetings can be efficient when you have a plan.

Former Microsoft President Steven Sinofsky teaches you the right way to run meetings in Reaching Peak Meeting Efficiency.

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Pick #2: 5 Essential Investments Every Human Being Should Make In Themselves


Author Srinivas Rao has written an excellent article that focuses on Quadrant II activities — actions that yield incredible results in the future.

In 5 Essential Investments Every Human Being Should Make In Themselves, Rao shows you the essential investments that have the highest ROI.

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Pick #3: The Only Guide You’ll Need to Beat Procrastination

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Research shows that procrastination is an emotion-management problem, not a time-management problem.

Dr. Tim Pychyl unlocks the secret to beating procrastination using human psychology and hacks based on scientific research.

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Pick #4: The One Meta Skill That All Billionaires Have

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If you want to be successful, you’ll need this one meta-skill that’ll improve almost everything else in your life.

Best-selling author Tim Ferris writes about the One Routine Common to Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Performers.

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Pick #5: How to Be Effective Like an Academic Athlete

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Academic clinicians have a lot to teach us about effectiveness and productivity — they often combine multiple tasks involving patient care, research, teaching, and administration.

Dr. Mark Lavercombe, author of The Productive Physician, writes about how to achieve your goals by learning from academic athletes.

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Bonus Pick: The Power of Vision

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The greatest innovators were obsessed with something. They had another term for obsession though. It’ called vision.

Michał Stawicki writes about the power of vision in The Strange Productivity Secret of Successful People.

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