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Team Task Management and Collaboration Tool

Team Task Management and Collaboration Tool for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Cultivate team collaboration and let people do great things together.

Week Plan allows you to create goals for your team and set a twelve-week plan for your project that you can track weekly. You can set specific goals and track your team’s success against these goals week after week.

Task Comments and Attachments

Communication is the key to completing tasks on time. With Week Plan, your entire team can communicate and collaborate together across team tasks through comments, updates, and attachments.

Activity Feed to stay on top of what’s happening across the team

Activity feed enables you to keep in touch with all the significant details regarding your team’s progress across any task, project, or goal.

Add as many team members you like

Week Plan takes care of all your team members even if you have 100 or 1000. Easily add as many members as you like and bring your entire team in one place.

Create Multiple Teams

Creating multiple teams is essential for companies working on different projects.  With Week Plan, you can create as many teams you like and have separate team members, goals, and tasks for them.

Team shared weekly tasks calendar

Task calendar lets you view all of your team’s weekly tasks. Get all team in sync with key tasks for the week. Foster team growth by aligning your team towards collective growth.

Bring your team together towards a collective goal and achieve more, together!

See tasks of all teams from a single dashboard

No matter how small or large your team is and how many tasks they have to achieve, you can view tasks from your entire team in a single dashboard.

Motivate the team collectively towards a goal/mission

Team motivation plays an important role in accomplishing goals. With Week Plan’s Weekly Journal, your team members can share their insights and feedback that will keep them glued together towards a common goal.

Easily share progress and deliverables with the team

No more emailing updates or “Dropbox-ing” deliverables with the team. Week Plan gives you a central place to share the team progress as well as any deliverables that comes along.