How to set the synchronization between Google Tasks and WeekPlan

Google Tasks synchronization is a feature available in the PRO plan of WeekPlan. This is how to set up the synchronization in WeekPlan.

1. Go to your workspace’s settings:

Workspace Settings Link


2. Click on “Synchronize with Google Tasks”

Synchronize with Google Task


3. Log in to the Google account you want to synchronize with and give permission to the WeekPlan app:

Give permission to WeekPlan app

4. You will be redirected back to WeekPlan. Select the Google Tasks bucket you want your week to be synchronized with:

Select a Google Tasks bucket

Important: Do not forget to click the Save button!

That’s it. Your tasks will start being synchronized every hour.

  • pierozeccaria

    There isn’t. “Synchronize with Google Tasks” does not exist. Why?

    • Hi there, we have phased out the Google Tasks integration as few people were using it.

      • The email that comes near the end of the 30 day free trial of PRO still references this feature and points to this page.

  • Rudi van der Molen

    Man you really had me looking!
    I wanted to turn off the google task sync, but couldn’t find it anywhere! Apparently phasing out the feature didn’t keep it from still syncing the tasks. I revoked access now, should keep it from syncing. Made me wonder though, does that mean the sync is still trying to send stuff from the weekplan side?

    • He he sorry, I thought people who were using the sync’ feature would still want to use it. Please send me your weekplan email address at [email protected] and I will cancel your sync’. Thanks!

      • Rudi van der Molen

        I guess that’s a sensible assumption. It’s just that I want to stop using it now. I’ll mail you, thanks!

  • I’d really like this feature back personally! This would be awesome. Any chance you can enable it for my account?

    • Sorry Andy, I am decide to phase it out as it was causing more trouble than it was worth. I am the only person running weekplan so I need to keep things “lean” so that I can maintain them more easily.

  • Gabriela Enrigue

    Hello! I’m really loving weekplan. I wrote down all my new year’s resolutions and now, for some reason, I can access it. Can you help me?

    • It should be working now Gabriela. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Julian

    Is this feature available again? I can see it in my workspace settings, but don’t want to enable it if it’s going to be buggy or phased out.

    • The feature you are seeing in your workspace settings is about Google Calendar synchronization, not Google Tasks.

      We are slowly introducing this new feature. Right now, the Google Calendar sync only goes one way, from weekplan to google calendar, but next week, we will publish and announce the full Google Calendar integration.

      • Julian

        OK thanks for the update

  • Veronica Baumgardner Van Dyke

    Is this not available? This is the reason I re-signed up for the pro version…. Any way to bring it back/turn it on for individual users?

    • You can synchronize with Google Calendar instead.