We have introduced some new features that will help make the Week Plan methodology more explicit.

We are working on the user experience, and it comes with a better onboarding for new users, and more explicit “coaching” by the application.


If you have read the book “Getting Things Done”, you are already familiar with the Inbox. It is the place to quickly jot down ideas, or tasks that come your way.

The concept of the Inbox is that you have a two step process.

First you capture the tasks, then you process the Inbox regularly (once daily for example) and put the tasks in the right place.

You want to make sure you capture all the tasks that come your way, which is why you want to make this step as easy as possible.

In Week Plan, a task in the Inbox doesn’t belong to any team, it just belongs to you. No one else can see the Inbox but you.

Screenshot of the Inbox

Weekly Review

Many of you already have the practice of the Weekly Review, so why not make it easier?

With the Weekly Review, you build up your plan of the week and schedule your priorities into your week.

The Weekly Review takes you through the following steps:

  • Review your objectives and the backlog of tasks associated with those objectives. You can drag and drop a task onto the Plan of the Week
  • Review each of your roles and the backlog associated to each
  • Review your boards
  • and finally look at your coming week, and schedule some of the plan of the week into the week.

We don’t recommend trying to cram all the Plan of the Week into the schedule. Allow yourself some flexibility.

Backlog by Objectives

Like the Roles board, you can see your tasks grouped by Objective.

Help sidebar

To help our new users understand the tool and the methodology, we have added a Help sidebar that will give you some detailed articles on how things work.

You can still refer to the Knowledge Base for more detailed feature help.

Help sidebar


As always we have also fixed a lot of issues you have reported.

Let us know in the comments what you think!

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