Product update September 2017

Just wanted to send an update to let everyone know we are hard at work 🙂

Business updates

– Found someone to help with marketing work
– Working with top notch design agency in Sydney to rebrand WEEK PLAN
– Customer success team is down one person 🙁
– We are going to focus on user retention and paid plan conversion rate for a while

New features

– Can edit a list, a role, a board
– Can delete a goal
– Can search and filter tasks
– Faster and more user friendly android mobile app
– Can track time on a task
– Translations in French, Bangla, Hindi, Polish
– Lots of bugs fixed

Coming next

We want to make the first experience with WEEK PLAN more engaging so we are going to “gamify” the onboarding process. Also, we are going to address some of the major user experience complaints, for example:

– Put boards in the same page as schedule
– Show previous and next buttons to navigate more easily
– Put “Add task” button at the top of the lists
– Allow to move a task with fewer clicks
– Etc…

  • alexandremrj says:

    Hello Aymeric, this is great. Any updates to iOS to reflect these changes?

    • Aymeric says:

      Our update cycle with the iphone app is a bit dysfunctional lately. The app is developed and maintained by an independent developer and he seems to be busy lately.

      I suggest you use the web app on your mobile, you will get all the features as we release them.

      • Александр Тунда says:

        Hi Aymeric! I was using the web version on my iPhone but the latest update brings some bugs and it’s unable to swipe left and right to switch between days and roles. It scrolls from Monday to Sunday and from the very first role the last one. Do something with it, guys. Please

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