New year, new branding

We are launching a new logo for Week Plan.


Week Plan logo

Hi I am Aymeric, the founder of Week Plan. I have been personally involved in the process of rebranding and wanted to share how the process went.


When Week Plan started 6 years ago, I had no idea it would be become so popular and wouldn’t have guessed what types of users would use it. I’d pick the colors for the user interface based on personal preference rather than proper “strategy”.

To help grow Week Plan I believe that the brand should connect better with the target audience. Today, we have students, busy parents, freelancers, entrepreneurs and managers but most of our paid users are entrepreneurs and managers. I wanted to refresh to brand to reflect that reality.

The process

I approached the branding agency Folk and asked if they’d want to help work on the new Week Plan. Folk is a top agency that works with big names in Australia including government agencies. I have worked with them in the past and I was very happy to have another opportunity.

Design brief

The first step was to drive to express what I was trying to express through the brand. Week Plan is about prioritization and execution so I identified I wanted a brand that would be bold, determined and focused. I want Week Plan to be a movement of effective people and I want the logo to be so inspiring, people would want to be part of it.

While learning about brand identity, I found that you have brand archetypes (the Magician, the Ruler, the Lover…) to help group brands. For me, Week Plan is composed of the Hero archetype (courage), the Ruler (control) with a sprinkle of the Magician (vision).



After a little while, the Folk team came back with a list of candidates.

Logo candidates

Logo 1 and 2: The stripes in the logos represent the multiple roles you have in life, or the chaos that ends in a single prioritized lane (the black tick). I really liked the meaning behind the logo.

Logo 3: Logo 3 is solid and strong. The \ represents prioritization and the V represents the execution. They form the W of Week Plan. Simple. Added bonus: the company behind Week Plan is called Wise Labs, and it aims to help leaders and their teams align their actions with their vision. \ could represent alignment, and V the execution.

Logo 4: I didn’t really consider logo 4 although it was surprisingly popular in the surveys I sent to my personal and professional networks.


Once the logo was selected, I could pick a font that would match the values behind the brand. I loved the strength of Fjalla One.

This is how the new brand identity has been integrated in the existing websites:


The public website

The web app



I’d like to thank Folk for their stellar work.


Let me know in the comments what you think of this new brand identity!

  • Tom says:

    New logo looks good. I would like to see how it looked with the right leg extended slightly to emphasize the checkmark/accomplishment goal. Next time…

  • Stephen Austra-Beck says:

    It’s great and completely appropriate. Well done.

  • Chris says:

    I like the new logo. Simple and “Clean”. It speaks to me of a life free of cluttered “uncaptured” ideas \ things to do.
    The Tick is the satisfaction of “job done” ( Just do it !) Sorry couldn’t resist.
    I am sure it will last more than 6 years this time, so worth the investment!!
    I hope you recouped the cost by recruiting the Graphic design agency staff to Week Plan!

  • Kasia says:

    Logo no 3 – the best choice: strong, clear and outstanding. I love new branding 🙂

  • prem menon says:

    Very appealing logo and UI. Keep up the good work of helping us realize our goals and dreams….

  • Jean-Louis says:

    Logo 3 is simple and clear and to me represents what one must strive to keep foremost in everything I do.
    Good choice !

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