New version: Email reminders, SMS reminders, and Time on Tasks

New features

You can now show and hide the goals panel.
You can now set a time interval for a task.
You can request to receive an email reminder for a given task.

New PRO features

You can request to receive an SMS reminder.


The Edit window for tasks has been improved.
Goals are hidden by default on mobile.

Bug fixes

Replies to emails are now working again (they stopped working for 9 days).

  • Silvia Tavares

    Hey! This is looking great! I love this app! =)

  • René

    Is there a way to set a time for when to be reminded? For example – say I wanted to be reminded via sms to take out the trash on Sunday night at 9pm.

    • Not at the moment, you have only two settings (5pm the day before, or abotu an hour before the event).

      • Rhonda Hulland

        Please consider giving more options for setting reminder times.

  • John Ryynanen

    Is there a way to generate a report to find the total time spent on a task?

    • If you use the Focus Timer, it should automatically add the time spent to your task…

      Then it will show up on the task (see screenshot)

      • Thanks. Now I see it. I was thinking there was a separate report you can run to itemize specific tasks. This is even simpler.