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Getting first things done

The time management methodology behind WeekPlan

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What is getting things done?

Getting things done is a comprehensive guideline on how to get the most of the important things done out of our limited time.

To give you a sneak peek what you will get in this exclusive e-book are listed below

  • The importance of the Quadrant II
  • Making time for Quadrant II activities
  • Quadrant IV
  • Trade time with money
  • Automate and simplify
  • Solve problems only once
  • Initial setup
  • Brain dump
  • Be clear with your vision
  • Becoming a Quadrant II self-manager
  • Weekly reviews
  • Inbox processing
  • Daily reviews
  • Review of the existing tasks
  • Review of the Waiting for / Blocked list
  • Promotions from Parking lot
  • Execution or lack of