We have published a new version of Week Plan and it contains some new features for our power users.

Unified schedule

Up until now, your data was silo’d per team. It meant that if you wanted to see your schedule for a specific day, you would have to switch between teams to check each team schedule.

In this new version, you can still do that (see the team’s schedule) but you also can see a unified view of your data across teams. Simply use the Schedule menu item.

By default the Schedule view only shows you unassigned tasks and tasks that are assigned to you. You can however change the filters however you want:

Unified schedule

Customizable navigation

You can now bookmark objectives and frequently used boards in the left navigation:

Customizable navigation

Because the objective menu items show the progress you have made on them, the left navigation can become a mini dashboard.

To add bookmarks, click on the “Show all” menu item.

You can now search more than just tasks. You can search for boards, roles, lists and objectives!

Improved search

Crushing bugs

This release also comes with a myriad of bug fixes. We are currently reworking the repetition feature and the calendar synchronization to make them more robust.


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