A better layout

Users have voted that Saturdays and Sundays should be bigger in WEEK PLAN.


It took me a while to figure out the best way to display all the information of the week without being too busy.

I wanted the user to always be able to see the goals (keep your goals in mind) and I wanted to give Saturday and Sunday more space without taking space from the other more used days.

This is why I came up with the horizontal scrolling navigation. On a normal screen, you can see your goals and 5 days at the same time. You can use the scrolling bar to see the two remaining.

This is how it looks like:


Also, it have moved the Someday tasks on their own screen as my own list start to be pretty big. Switching from one view to another doesn’t load a new page though so it is very smooth to switch from one to another.

I hope you like it!

  • Aaron

    This app is great. The chrome webstore description said :: Accessible everywhere. ::

    “Organize your week from your laptop, your smartphone and on your tablet.” I can’t seem to find the smartphone app (Ihave an iPhone by the way). This is potentially the only thing keeping me from using the app. Please let me know if an iphone app exists.
    Thank you very much for your time.

    • aymeric

      Hi Aaron, a native app is on the way. In the meantime, you can browse to https://app.weekplan.net from your iphone and you will get the mobile friendly version.

      • André

        Hi Aaron,

        Do you have an idea when we can have an app for iPhone?


        • The app is ready and we are starting the submission process

          • Rob


          • Martin

            Hi Aymeric, any word on the iPhone app? Really looking forward to it.

          • After thinking about the whole iPhone app thing, I really want it to be a 5 star app.

            I have published the Android app first to help me figure out the right mobile user interface. Unfortunately, the Android app is still not great and is reflected by the poor ratings in the Google Play store (2.5/5).

            As much as I would like to publish the iphone app, I think I need to make the Android app a 5 star app before it makes sense to release the same app on the App Store.

            My focus and highest priority stays the publication of the app on the App Store, I just want to do it properly.

            I am currently trying to hire a developer to help accelerate things up.

          • Chadderz

            I am sympathetic towards your view but would like to encourage you to change it slightly.

            You have a situation of currently offering iDevice users nothing and publishing it now would at least give them something. Even at least within the description you state this is an early adopter version and therefore you also value the user feedback.

            I for one only have apple kit so are unable to even comment on the usability etc of your app. It would also provide you with an opportunity to raise some funds towards its development. I am sure iDevices users would be happy to contribute if it means getting an even better app, just got to put one out there first….

          • Please note that if you access weekplan on a mobile device, you will get the same exact app as the Android app.

            So on your iphone, using Safari, go to https://app.weekplan.net, log in and bookmark to your homescreen and you will get the same experience.

            An iphone app on the app store is really to make it easier for people to discover week plan.

            I will be improving the mobile user interface in the next few months in the hope of getting a 5 star app.

          • Chadderz

            Thanks for the update. Unfortunately the link does not work on iPhone5 all I get is the flashing w logo and it goes no further. That was the main reason for asking for the app to be released. But if it is only effectively a bookmark then it possibly won’t work.
            Strangely for me the link works on iPad3.
            Be interested to hear it anyone else has issues getting to the login screen on iPhone.
            Thanks for your help with an excellent web app.

          • Chadderz

            Good news, I have installed chrome and now the web app works perfectly. Absolutely no idea why Safari not working (tried adjusting all the settings available under settings)

          • Chadderz

            Even better news. Now established that Private browsing was switched on in Safari app and it was this that was preventing the display of content.

          • Cool that’s good to know!

  • PC

    Is there a way to print my weekly plan. (to be able to see ALL entries on a given day? I am using Firefox. Print preview is a bit messy.

    • aymeric

      There is no day view at the moment, which is why you can’t print a single day either. Out of curiosity, When do you need to print your list rather than access it on a phone or computer?

  • Brook Warner

    where can we vote on ideas?

  • Daniel

    Can Week Plan sync with a gmail task list?

    • aymeric

      Yes it can synchronize with Google Tasks (in the Pro version)

  • Mirlind Bacaj

    Hello! Great app. I have a small problem with it though. Every time i check my week planner on my computer, week 36 always pops up at first. Is there anything i can do for it to show the current week instead?

  • Mirlind Bacaj

    Thank you! This app is really helping me organize my life and pursue my goals!

  • laurent

    not working on my Ipad 4 and IOS 7 🙁

  • Suzie Byrne

    Hi I live in Ireland and can’t seem to be able get the app ! Ami doing something wrong?

    • Suzie, please try to clear the cache of your internet browser… It seems like that last deployment is not detected by the internet browsers…

  • pauline

    Hi I can’t find the app on the app store on my iphone? What’s the app called?

  • I need some help…i’m not want Horizontal scrolling navigation. i want all day in one screen(not scrolling), what can i do?

    • Castro

      I hate the horizontal scrolling navigation, please the whole week in just one screen! The reason why I chose Weekplan in first place! Can’we have an option to switch/choose at least?

  • Flip

    I liked the layout with two rows. It is helpful to move tasks to the right days and have a good overview. I will try the scrolling, but… a switch button would be even better 😀

    • (I have added the switch button)

      • Castro

        So where has the switch button gone actually?
        Please bring back the layout with two rows… 🙁

        • Sorry, we have decided to remove the option based on how people were using weekplan.

  • nicole

    cant find the app on my iphone

  • milublau

    Hello, GREAT app, and I found really cool the Cogitorama, I actually did the same thing with + and – so it was surprising to see an app that took that into account. I would like to ask: Will the iOS app will be compatible with iOS 6? I don’t have the new ipod-iphone, so I was wondering if compatibility was impossible. Thank you! Micaela

  • Charlie Shread

    Goals disappear! This web app would be perfect for me if only it wasn’t so buggy. I have only been using it a couple of hours now, testing it out and some of the goals have just vanished. They weren’t the last ones added, the internet connection is fine, it was about three goals from different roles that are now gone.

    • Charlie,

      If you could give the exact text of one of the goals that disappeared, it will help me find it and understand what happened…

  • Yinuo

    Hi, has it got the app for Windowns Phone?? Thanks.

    • Yes, look for WeekPlan in the store.

  • Britney

    I want to love this so much, but I’ve given up on Week Plan twice now. The layout and how it’s supposed to work is exactly what I’m looking for, but the actual functionality of this is so incredibly terrible that I end up beyond frustrated every time. The online app is unreliable. I have experienced so many problems with it, from it refusing to actually save changes no matter how many times you click the save button, to being stuck in the Parking Lot screen and simply unable to get out no matter what I did. I can’t get the iPhone app to sync at all, but there’s no help anywhere for how to fix it. I thought that when I first tried it about a year ago it was just too new of a product, so I came back to it recently and have tried to use it for over two months. This is the last time though. It’s simply too glitchy of a product to be reliable, and that makes me very sad. Great idea guys, but very poor execution :(.

    • Hi Britney, are you using repeated tasks in WeekPlan? I wonder if the unreliability you are seeing comes from that particular type of tasks…

      • Britney

        No, I can’t rely on repeated tasks actually showing up, so I never use them.

  • Richard Lamers

    thanks for this great work. I´m testing it online (with my mac) and on my surface, but I´m not able to switch to the layout I see on this page. I would like to have more space for the single day. What am I making wrong?

    • Hi Richard, WeekPlan is evolving over time. The layout you see in the app is the latest one. To zoom on a specific day, pass your mouse over the day title and an icon will appear. It will show you the day view.

  • Laurent

    Hi, on a tuto on youtube I saw a different layout. days of the week did not go from right to left but were stacked. and the task on a column on a left. how do you do to use that layout?

  • GHM

    When will the new layout be “live”

    • This is an old post. Things have evolved since.