20140706 Weekly status

I have decided to start a new experiment. I will document what has been worked on this week in a weekly status blog post.

The idea is to show the progress made, and to document how we use WeekPlan to manage WeekPlan.

Weekly Status for WeekPlan


The biggest focus was killing usability issues and publishing the app to multiple appstores.

WeekPlan can be found on the Windows Phone store, the Windows store, the Opera marketplace, the Firefox marketplace and the Amazon appstore.

Work has continued on new features for teams, like allowing @mentions and showing the time in the local time of the user.

  • Will it be sync with facebook and twitter soon?

    • How do you see the integration with Facebook and twitter?

      • I see first and app development to enable the sync process amongst devices in features to Facebook- Business groups and personal users can use it more frequent as they stay active socially. Organizational groups can use it to stay productive and communicate task. Twitter for those that like to set trends and HashTags. Adjust the notifications so that they are in sync with facebook, twitter, email and google chrome devices to keep users active. 🙂

  • George

    Is there or will there be an iOS version?

      • Julian

        How about android?

        • It is coming. We are in the final phase of testing, trying to solve some performance issues. Coming in a few weeks.

          • Julian

            OK great, looking forward to it – just became a paid user!

          • Cool thanks for the support!