Soylent, my experience

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More than a year ago, I discovered Soylent through the founder’s blog where he was sharing his progress in looking for a recipe for a complete meal replacement drink.Soylent is basically a mash up of all the nutrients your body supposedly needs in a day.BenefitsI am attracted to the concept of being confident that I… Read more »

Updated roadmap

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Hi, I have worked recently on clarifying the roadmap for WEEK PLAN and thought you might be interested to see it. 1. Polish the Android app. We published the Android app silently a few weeks ago and unfortunately it is still very “experimental”. Because I am not an Android app developer myself, I have outsourced… Read more »

My ideal week: free printable “planner”

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Do you live your life as it comes (reactive approach) or do you prefer to live with purpose according to a plan (proactive approach)? As the founder of WEEK PLAN, I try to expose my readership to new interesting techniques that can help them be more effective. Today, I share a new tool called MY IDEAL WEEK: The concept is very simple: imagine… Read more »

WeekPlan integrates with Google Calendar

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We told you we had a couple of exciting announcements coming up. Today we are launching the two way integration with Google Calendar.What it doesNew events from Google Calendar will appear in your Week Plan (refreshed every hour). New tasks from your Week Plan will appear in Google Calendar.What it meansWhat is exciting about this new integration is that… Read more »

WeekPlan for iphone

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We have got some exciting news to share!Week Plan is available as an iPhone app in the AppStore and a new release was just approved by Apple. Check out the app on the AppStore here.In this new version you can access the following features:– Setting time on tasks– Calendar integration– Reminders, – Subtasks, etc… Also, the iPhone app has changed name from MyWeek to Week Plan to… Read more »

An introduction to outsourcing

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As part of my work on WeekPlan, I constantly try to find ways to help people be more effective.Being more effective comes from identifying what matter most and working on it. But what should you do with the things that are not that important and yet still need to get done?Before working on WeekPlan, I… Read more »

20140711 Weekly status report

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Summary I finished writing a 30 pages ebook that explains the methodology behind WeekPlan. I am currently asking for feedback to polish the ebook. The goal is to send the ebook to people who signed up on the mailing list a long time ago to “warm up” the relationship with WeekPlan a bit. We welcomed… Read more »