WeekPlan for iphone

We have got some exciting news to share!

Week Plan is available as an iPhone app in the AppStore and a new release was just approved by Apple

Check out the app on the AppStore here.

In this new version you can access the following features:
– Setting time on tasks
– Calendar integration
– Reminders,
– Subtasks, etc… 

Also, the iPhone app has changed name from MyWeek to Week Plan to avoid any confusion in the future.

We have a few exciting announcements coming soon, stay tuned!

  • Benjamin

    Is there an app for android mobile devices too? I would love this feature for android phones.

    • I am preparing the Android app, it is developed, I just need to publish it now.

      • Marcos

        I´m waiting for the Android app. Go WeekPlan go!

        • I have published the app but it came with problems, trying to fix them as we speak.

          • Jenna Johns

            Hopefully the Android app can come along soon – so hoping for it!

      • Nathalie Negrete Cortes

        Hey my boyfriend and I want to use Weekplan. Unfortunatly I have an iphone but he has an Android. Have you fixed the problems yet? It would really be great 🙂

        • You should see WeekPlan in Android store.

  • Jeff

    Is anyone else having issues with iOS 9 Beta GM? The app crashing up on launch… I figured this would be addressed at GM version, but still not working. Is it isolated or systemic?

    • Daniel reported that the app should work with iOS9. I have forwarded your email address to him.

    • Daniel Åkesson

      Hi this is Daniel, the developer of the iOS app. I installed iOS9 and tested on device and it all worked well for me, so seems like an isolated event. I will do some further testing, if you have other relevant details please share

  • Jason

    App just updated. Anyone else having trouble assigning roles to actions?

  • Not available in Germany 🙁

  • The iPhone app is a much better way to use WeekPlan than the Chrome extension. I wished there was a native Mac app for WeekPlan.