Week Plan implements the best of the wisdom of the latest time management literature. There are some of the best time management tips, which help in making the principles more actionable.

Weekly perspective. I believe a weekly perspective enables me to better prepare ahead of time.

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Weekly goals. I believe weekly goals help me focus on big enough chunks of work to see real progress and help me not lose focus.

Balance. I believe that trying to have at least one week goal per role helps me stay balanced.

Stress free productivity. I believe that listing every single thing I need to do or might want to do in the Someday list is very important. It helps me feel less stressed because my mind stops reminding me about these tasks.

Unified management. I believe work and personal life are better managed together from a task management point of view.

Importance. I believe that I should thrive to spend more time in areas that matter. When I add a new task in my system, I ask myself: “is it urgent?” “is it important to me?” and mark them accordingly using the Quadrant suffixes (! 2! 3!).

Action-ability. I believe that a task must be actionable. Instead of writing “Book doctor appointment”, I write the next action I have to take to make this happen, like “Find doctor’s phone number to book an appointment”. This simple tweak dramatically reduces procrastination.

Self-reflection. I believe self-reflection helps me stay aware of how I run my life. Every day Week Plan sends me an email with a different question about my week. I found that these little questions help me find something to reflect on. I can simply reply to these emails to get my entry in my Week Plan Journal.

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