New Google Chrome extension: Inbox Zero Progress Bar for Gmail

We have developed a small extension for Gmail that does only one thing: it shows a progress bar that reaches 100% when you have zero email in your inbox. It is a little gamification trick to encourage you to make progress in processing your inbox. Good luck! (Check out the extension here)

inbox zero progress bar

  • shanehomersimpson

    Hi, is there a tutorial for ‘inbox zero’ please? I have the extension but can’t see how to use it.

    • There is no “use”. Once you have installed the extension, you should see a progress bar under the Compose button in Gmail.

      • shanehomersimpson

        Hey Aymeric,

        Happy new year!

        Thanks for responding. Quick follow up question; I have emails in my inbox, not from today though and the ‘inbox zero bar’ shows no emails. Is it safe to assume then that it counts only emails from the current day?