Designing a better way to manage appointments

When I started working on WeekPlan, the focus was more on tasks rather than events (tasks with a start time). As WeekPlan grew, it started to attract more people with event heavy schedules. I want to allow these users to manage their schedule while keeping it as simple as possible to the people who rely on tasks more than events.

Current state of the art

One of the most requested feature for WeekPlan is the ability to see a day like in a classic calendar, hour by hour. I personally think that the classic calendar view can be wasteful:

Wasted space in calendar view

So I started looking at existing alternatives.

Duration based

Some apps display tasks based on their duration. This ’is nice for a

Tasks by length

Sorted by time

This alternative is generally more compact but less visual. It is hard to figure out how long is a task and where are the available slots in the day:

List of events

WeekPlan take #1

In WeekPlan, the events are shown like normal tasks except that a grey background color shows you when they start and how long they last for visually:

Event visualization in WeekPlan

If you drag a task after “WeekPlan marketing catchup”, the task will automatically be assigned the start time “15:00”.

Although it is an improvement over what was orginally available in WeekPlan, it doesn’t make it easy to set a specific start time. You have to open the edit dialog and change the start time value there.

WeekPlan take #2

We are currently rewriting the user interface of WeekPlan and we took the opportunity to improve on our design by doing two things.

New visualization of events from WeekPlan

First we separate events from tasks and second, we introduce the time bar.

The time bar shows you how your day looks like at a glance and allows you to easily schedule a task in the day by dragging it onto the time bar:

We are excited with this new way to handle appointments and wanted to give you a sneak peek of the upcoming version of WeekPlan.

  • Jayson Hoogeveen

    This looks like an interesting way to work with events and time. It seems to work visually and also easy to adjust times. I can’t wait to try it out.

    • You can already experience it if you use the Android app.

      • Jayson Hoogeveen

        Awesome! I just updated the app and had a play. Looking good.

  • Mark

    Deleted by OP

    • Mark, these are both tasks and calendar events. You will also be able to sync with your GCal calendar. You can actually test all this yourself with your weekplan credentials here:

      • Mark

        Awesome thanks I’ll check it out. When you say sync with GCal does that mean view my GCal events in Week Plan?

        • Yes, you can do both. You can pick PULL (get GCal into Weekplan), and/or PUSH (push WeekPlan tasks into GCal)

          • Mark

            Great! More than one calendar or just a single one?

          • More than one, but only fro mone google account