Excellent storytelling: How to master your time

This article “How to master your time” is a great read and explains several concepts used in WeekPlan.
The author manages to use story telling efficiently to explain in an engaging way why focusing on what matters is so important. Highly recommended!

Most important versus most urgent

How Jeff keeps his focus sharp all day long

Note from Aymeric (founder): This is not an article about how great WeekPlan is (it is great!). A few weeks ago, I asked the WeekPlan community if someone would be interested in writing something on the WeekPlan blog and Jeff was one of the first to reply. Jeff is a cartoonist who publishes the comic “Guinea Something Good” at http://www.JoeGP.com and a user of WeekPlan. In this article, Jeff tells us the method he uses to stay focused during a typical day of work. This is now Jeff writing. (more…)

How I stay productive after work

Duracell, lasts longer.

I have a day job and I run an online business on the side (of which WeekPlan is a product). Often in conversations about starting a business, I hear someone commenting on the fact they don’t have enough energy after work to start a new business. I thought I would address this challenge in a blog post and explain how I deal with it myself.


Slides about time management hacks

I wanted to share with you a very insightful set of slides that reminds us of some of the most powerful time management hacks.


Top 11 goal setting best practices

Once every while we take time to set goals we would love to achieve, but in most cases many people fail to meet the threshold they target because the goals they have set are poorly conceived and not reachable. The main problem is that most of us do not set milestones upon which they can measure success on their way to the goals set. In this article, you will find tips on the best practices in goal setting. (more…)

How to Stay Productive Working at Home

Working from home is incredibly satisfying. You get to figure out your own schedule, you don’t have to be surprised by an angry or irritating boss at any given moment, and you can sit around in your pajamas and work in the most comfortable surroundings available.

But for some people, it also tends to be a disaster for productivity, because unlike when you’re at the office there are countless distractions at home that can make it very difficult to focus on the tasks you need to complete. So if you’re someone that recently started working from home or are in need of extra help to curb your distracted tendencies, the following are several tips for ensuring that you reach your goals. (more…)

How to spend the first hour of your day

What you do during the first hour of the day can affect the rest of your day. Here is a list of things people enjoy doing first thing in the morning (after or before breakfast). (more…)

5 Brilliant Productivity Lessons from Startup Entrepreneurs

Learn lessons from the world’s smartest and most-successful entrepreneurs on productivity, so you can emulate their success and ability to set priorities.

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about working smarter, not harder, it’s successful entrepreneurs. As VentureBeat puts it, “when everything is a priority, how do you maximize productivity?” We’ve curated some of our favorite lessons on focus and prioritization from the world’s best entrepreneurs: (more…)

6 Best Productivity Hacks (Stay productive and relaxed)

Productivity is defined as having the power to produce.

If you are overwhelmed by the amount of work to do, if you are always stressed or if you are simply just trying to have more time for yourself, then you might benefit from these 6 productivity hacks.


Time management principles

WEEK PLAN implements the best of the wisdom of the latest time management literature.

Weekly perspective. I believe a weekly perspective enables me to better prepare ahead of time.

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Weekly goals. I believe weekly goals help me focus on big enough chunks of work to see real progress and help me not lose focus.

Balance. I believe that trying to have at least one week goal per role helps me stay balanced.

Stress free productivity. I believe that listing every single thing I need to do or might want to do in the Someday list is very important. It helps me feel less stressed because my mind stops reminding me about these tasks.

Unified management. I believe work and personal life are better managed together from a task management point of view.

Importance. I believe that I should thrive to spend more time in areas that matter. When I add a new task in my system, I ask myself: “is it urgent?” “is it important to me?” and mark them accordingly using the Quadrant suffixes (! 2! 3!).

Action-ability. I believe that a task must be actionable. Instead of writing “Book doctor appointment”, I write the next action I have to take to make this happen, like “Find doctor’s phone number to book an appointment”. This simple tweak dramatically reduces procrastination.

Self-reflection. I believe self-reflection helps me stay aware of how I run my life. Every day WEEK PLAN sends me an email with a different question about my week. I found that these little questions help me find something to reflect on. I can simply reply to these emails to get my entry in my WEEK PLAN Journal.

Go to WEEK PLAN to start applying these principles.