Designing a better way to manage appointments

When I started working on WeekPlan, the focus was more on tasks rather than events (tasks with a start time). As WeekPlan grew, it started to attract more people with event heavy schedules. I want to allow these users to manage their schedule while keeping it as simple as possible to the people who rely on tasks more than events. (more…)

6 ways to improve brain performance

Studies have shown that brain function is fueled by physical exercise and goes a long way in development, boosting function and longevity to avoid diseases and old age onset syndromes.

Making time and effort to keep a healthy brain leads to a happier and productive life. Here are some effective ways to increase brain health and memory. (more…)

What’s next for WeekPlan?

Hi fellow planners,

I am Aymeric the founder of WeekPlan. It’s been a while I haven’t given some update of the current work in progress, and the roadmap. (more…)

Foods to boost your energy levels

Motivation, drive, planning, management – These are all important factors towards achieving your goals. Or are they? There is one essential point that everyone overlooks in order to achieve what you want: Health. Health is a combination of exercise and diet. For better mood and energy, you have to keep your blood sugar levels in check and get those feel good chemicals. Here are foods that boost energy and keep you on your toes. (more…)

Monthly planner: a new feature in WEEK PLAN

Many of you have been missing the ability to see more than a week ahead.

Although the product is called WEEK PLAN :), we agree that it makes sense sometimes to want to easily look ahead. (more…)

How to increase concentration at work

Distractions at work can severely damage your productivity and work-life balance. Many people get more easily distracted in comparison to others. Staying focused at work can be a challenge for them, even when they are completely committed to it. Slacking off at work is detrimental in more ways than one. Everything seems to fall apart.

Here are some ways on how to increase concentration at work (more…)

Windows app released

You can now install WeekPlan on your computer and add it to your taskbar.
Simply go to the Apps page and click Download.

Windows app for WeekPlan

Note that this is a simple wrapper around the existing WeekPlan app. This app doesn’t work offline.

New Google Chrome extension: Inbox Zero Progress Bar for Gmail

We have developed a small extension for Gmail that does only one thing: it shows a progress bar that reaches 100% when you have zero email in your inbox. It is a little gamification trick to encourage you to make progress in processing your inbox. Good luck! (Check out the extension here)

inbox zero progress bar

Take advantage of social media 2

Partnership or temporary organization

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Simple rules to manage your emails in Gmail

Are you too one of those email users with thousands of unread emails in their Inbox?

Your mailbox feels like a bottomless pit whenever you try to find a message you have received weeks ago?

We know what it’s like – many email messages are notifications from apps you’re using or newsletters you’re not actually reading. Not to mention spam. When you receive dozens of such emails every day, it’s hard to keep the pace and manage your emails to bring them down to 0. (more…)