A Weekly Planner

WEEK PLAN is more a full digital planner than a todo app.

Keep track of your achievements, goals and mission statement and jot down your important thoughts

That Works

WEEK PLAN is inspired by the book “Seven Habits of Highly-Effective People” by S. Covey.

Experience the power of the weekly review and the execution of your daily tasks with your goals in mind.


Organize your week from your laptop, your smartphone and on your tablet.

It is also printer friendly so that you can take your week plan anywhere.

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Features that will help you achieve more

  • Keep your goals in mind

    Too often people do “stuff” to be “productive” instead on focusing on what really matters.

    WeekPlan.net helps you set weekly goals for each role (or responsibility) in your life and keeps them visible.

  • Prioritize your tasks

    You can set the importance and urgency of a task so that you don’t forget them.

    In the book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, tasks are classified into four quadrants that are also represented in WeekPlan.net.

    Spend more time in the “important but not urgent” quadrant.

  • Easily organize your week

    WeekPlan.net is fast and easy to use. Just drag and drop tasks to reorder them or to put them on a different day.

    You also have a “Someday” list where you can store the tasks you can’t act upon right now.

  • Keep track of what matters

    Not just a weekly planner, WeekPlan.net also helps you remember your past achievements, work on your mission statement and set your longer term goals.

    This is inspired by the habit II “Begin with the End in Mind” of the book “Seven habits of highly effective people”.

  • Reflect on your daily life and grow

    The Growth Journal is not a classic journaling tool: it is specialized to help you reflect on what you have learned and what you could have done better.