Today I am sad as if someone from my own family had died.

Since I first read it 10 years ago, I kept calling the 7 habits my “bible” (I am not religious).

Every sentence of the book teaches you something new.
Each time you read the book, you learn something new.

This book had an enormous impact on my character, I can’t recommend it enough.

I wish I had attended one of your seminars when you came in Australia a few years ago. I regret I haven’t. I wanted but I just decided to do it later.
Through WEEK PLAN, I will do my best to help share the wisdom of your teachings.

Rest in peace.
  • Rob Soerens

    Aymeric – thanks for doing this! I’ve been trying to find a planner that works with the principals and spirit of the 7 Habits. Really really appreciate it! You really seem to be mission driven on this and it shows.

    • Aymeric

      Thanks for your kind words.

  • David Delpino

    well, i kind of love his books too.. specially first things first..
    just a few months ago, i had the chance ( or the universe gave it to me)
    to buy it
    there is so much light..
    when i have the chance i probably will buy the pro version of this :3

    • Aymeric

      Yes. Did you read the 8th habit? I couldn’t find a way to properly act on that book.

      • David Delpino

        yup, i read that too
        although i think is more related to empower oneself..
        and the relationships with others..
        dunno, is like a compilation,or a evolution

        but for now, im focusing on first thigs first
        i really need structure in my life

    • Aymeric

      Did you draw this? :) I’d love to be able to draw properly!

      • David Delpino

        yup, i draw this jaja :)