Habits are powerful and a double edged sword. Good habits make us do good things without needing any willpower. Bad habits make us do bad things, and we usually need a lot of willpower to undo them.

This great animated video from Epipheo explains how habits work and how you can acquire new habits.

Note from Aymeric (founder): This is not an article about how great WeekPlan is (it is great!). A few weeks ago, I asked the WeekPlan community if someone would be interested in writing something on the WeekPlan blog and Jeff was one of the first to reply. Jeff is a cartoonist who publishes the comic “Guinea Something Good” at http://www.JoeGP.com and a user of WeekPlan. In this article, Jeff tells us the method he uses to stay focused during a typical day of work. This is now Jeff writing. Read more »

WeekPlan allows you to manage your tasks with the 4 quadrants in mind. If you are not 100% sure what the 4 quadrants are, I recommend you to watch this video where the presenter does a good job to clarify the concepts.


Some other tasks I would put in the Quadrant II: exercising, keeping in touch with those who matter to us, relaxing/resting activities.

Quadrant II is where you would ideally want to spend most of your time.

Duracell, lasts longer.

I have a day job and I run an online business on the side (of which WeekPlan is a product). Often in conversations about starting a business, I hear someone commenting on the fact they don’t have enough energy after work to start a new business. I thought I would address this challenge in a blog post and explain how I deal with it myself.

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