How to break bad habits (video)

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Habits are powerful and a double edged sword. Good habits make us do good things without needing any willpower. Bad habits make us do bad things, and we usually need a lot of willpower to undo them. This great animated video from Epipheo explains how habits work and how you can acquire new habits.

How I stay productive after work

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I have a day job and I run an online business on the side (of which WeekPlan is a product). Often in conversations about starting a business, I hear someone commenting on the fact they don’t have enough energy after work to start a new business. I thought I would address this challenge in a… Read more »

Import your Astrid tasks into Week Plan

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Astrid has announced that they are closing down in 90 days. To save your data, we offer to implement an importer that can take all your Astrid data and import it into Week Plan. It is not ready yet, if you are interested, please leave us your email address to be notified when it is… Read more »

5 Brilliant Productivity Lessons from Startup Entrepreneurs

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Learn lessons from the world’s smartest and most-successful entrepreneurs on productivity, so you can emulate their success and ability to set priorities. If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about working smarter, not harder, it’s successful entrepreneurs. As VentureBeat puts it, “when everything is a priority, how do you maximize productivity?” We’ve curated… Read more »

Time management principles

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WEEK PLAN implements the best of the wisdom of the latest time management literature. Weekly perspective. I believe a weekly perspective enables me to better prepare ahead of time. Weekly goals. I believe weekly goals help me focus on big enough chunks of work to see real progress and help me not lose focus. Balance…. Read more »