20140706 Weekly status

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I have decided to start a new experiment. I will document what has been worked on this week in a weekly status blog post. The idea is to show the progress made, and to document how we use WeekPlan to manage WeekPlan. Summary The biggest focus was killing usability issues and publishing the app to… Read more »

How to set the synchronization between Google Calendar and WeekPlan

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UPDATE: this is no longer the recommended way to set up synchronization between Google Calendar and WeekPlan. We have built an in-app integration instead. You can access from within your workspace settings. Simple Google Calendar synchronization can be set if you upgrade your WeekPlan account to PRO. This is a little tutorial to show you how… Read more »

Tips for the weekplan power user

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Here are a few hidden gems you might find useful when using WEEK PLAN: 1. To set the priority of a task. when writing the task, type ! and you will be suggested “quadrants” (Quadrant I and III will show the task in red). 2. To associate a task to a role, when writing the… Read more »

How to break bad habits (video)

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Habits are powerful and a double edged sword. Good habits make us do good things without needing any willpower. Bad habits make us do bad things, and we usually need a lot of willpower to undo them. This great animated video from Epipheo explains how habits work and how you can acquire new habits.