How to set the synchronization between Google Calendar and WeekPlan

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UPDATE: this is no longer the recommended way to set up synchronization between Google Calendar and WeekPlan. We have built an in-app integration instead. You can access from within your workspace settings. Simple Google Calendar synchronization can be set if you upgrade your WeekPlan account to PRO. This is a little tutorial to show you how… Read more »

Tips for the weekplan power user

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Here are a few hidden gems you might find useful when using WEEK PLAN: 1. To set the priority of a task. when writing the task, type ! and you will be suggested “quadrants” (Quadrant I and III will show the task in red). 2. To associate a task to a role, when writing the… Read more »

How to break bad habits (video)

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Habits are powerful and a double edged sword. Good habits make us do good things without needing any willpower. Bad habits make us do bad things, and we usually need a lot of willpower to undo them. This great animated video from Epipheo explains how habits work and how you can acquire new habits.